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“PJB and NCB both are great resources for qualified candidates (physicians, RNs and other allied healthcare workers).  Moreover, working with Chuck and his staff has always been a great pleasure- Awesome customer services with quick response and help to resolve any problems in no time. Very highly recommended.” -- Ajay Narola, Vice President -- AIMS Locum Tenens, LLC 

“Chuck -  Hands down, PJB is the most successful lead generation tool we use. I subscribe to 7 physician resources and you out-perform them all.” -- Rob Kurz, CEO – Kurz Solutions 

“I have already sent out my recommendations for the job boards we should use next year and this is definitely one of them. has the best daily leads and is super helpful for us.  We very much enjoy your site and All of my colleagues are in agreeance with this!  Not to mention you guys are always quick to respond and help vs some other sites where it can take days to get a response and that is after reaching out 3 or 4 times!”  -- Shelby Waltrip, Research Consultant – Cejka Search  

“We have utilized PJB ( ) for a number of years now and have had a  good response rate in terms of quality and quantity of leads. When PJB launched we decided to become a part of this new venture as well.  Chuck, who runs both Boards, is always responsive.” – Chuck Harris, Owner – Harris Medical Associates 

“Great site - we've subscribed to about a dozen job boards and provides more leads than any other.  I would highly recommend.”  - Lauren Mathis - Archway Physician Recruitment

“Our relationship with has been nothing but productive. We were previously working with programs like indeed and craigslist and they were not even close to providing a 20% return on the money we spent to advertise. provides us candidates across the nation who are actively looking for employment opportunities. Their service has delivered an excellent return on our investment and continues to provide placement opportunities for us, every single day. This is very rare in the recruitment industry. 
“We started using several months back in hopes to drum up more physician leads who were looking for locums work.  We have seen a significant increase in activity of leads.  We love the feature where we are emailed every day of all newly signed up physicians.  This is a great feature!  We’ve had luck placing two physicians thus far and expect many more based on the volume.  I appreciate all the help that Chuck has provided and his quick response time to any of my questions.  I would recommend above any other job boards at this time.”  -- Sara Rogers,  Chief Operating Officer – Onyx MD

“Thanks Chuck!  Merry Christmas to you!  We love PJB!!!” – Jodi Lloyd, President – Spot On Recruiting

“PhysicianJobBoard has recently become one of my most trusted resources for attracting active candidates who are responsive. They're providing high quality resources that are unlike other job boards. The quality of the candidates we receive from is outstanding. The website is easy to use and provides new and fresh CV information which is critical to my business. Unlike other job boards where the resumes are several years old and the information not always up to date, has candidates that are currently open to new opportunities. One of the things I like most is the ability and the ease of searches and job postings. Chuck and Tony have been exceptional, they make it their job to continually improve an already awesome job board!” --- Stacey Silveira, Owner -- Camelot Healthcare

" could possibly be the most exclusive recruitment tool on the market today.  As an organization we have posted on many different sites with little to no results.   Then over the last year utilizing Physician we have had 4 instant responses to our postings that have turned into immediate placements (6 weeks or less) and at least another 5-7 placements within 3-4 months of initial conversations with candidates found on PJB. This site has been a great value our organization and we have had a tremendous amount of support while working on this site as well.   As an added value, Chuck's customer service and sharing of industry trends and other insights has been a huge help.  He truly has shown he values our organization and has a personal interest with our success.   

Outstanding site and service!  Keep it up!  Looking forward to the future and continued success with!  Thank you, from all of us at Swordfish Healthcare!”   -- Heith Hodges, Partner/CEO -- Swordfish Healthcare

“ has been an invaluable resource for us at All-Star Recruiting. We have made numerous placements (both Locum and Permanent) with the service and the feedback from our Recruiters has been excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend to my colleagues in the industry…you will not be disappointed in the results. “  -- Matt Young, COO -- All-Star Recruiting

"'s determination to effectively deliver us qualified candidates is proof of their extraordinary worth. We appreciate all the work and support that Chuck and Lee provide to us at Enterprise Medical Recruiting, which contributes to our success." -- Kristin O'Brien, Candidate Acquisition Manager --  Enterprise Medical Recruiting

"The quality of candidates presented to Integrity Healthcare by the PJB team is unrivaled. We appreciate all the work the does behind the scenes...they provide us with more verified candidates than any other two job boards combined. They are miles ahead of the competition in regards to customer service as well. You are the most up front and honest 'job board' provider I have worked with yet...I appreciate that!" -- Rob Miranda, Managing Partner -- Integrity Healthcare



“Successful staffing is ultimately about results. Period. Our results with PJB are measurable. We’ve used many job board resources throughout the years. PJB delivers us consistent results from postings and database searches. We just renewed for another year. Job well done!”    Alan Wera – Director of Recruitment- Locum MD, LLC

“Literally the same day we signed up for PJB we booked a candidate and we’ve booked several candidates since then. We have found that Chuck and his team consistently provide quality candidates.” - Charlie Snyder - The Talent Society - Chief Marketing Officer  

“We have been using PJB for several years now and will continue to do so. Chuck and his team do a great job of verifying that the candidate is who they say they are and we've had great success with them. Chuck, You are very welcome and when someone like you delivers a product the way that you said you would, it's easy to find the complimentary words."   Thank you for all that you do.  – David Peckens, Manager -- The InlineGroup 

“We have had great success with PJB ( ) placing physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants throughout the US.” – Ray Drapkin, M.D. , President / Continuum Physician Recruiting / Continuum Medical Staffing 

“We at Elevate Healthcare Consultants have been using PJB for 4 months with great success. It has helped us permanently place MD/DO’s, Midlevel Providers and a CRNA. Not only is the information provided per candidate accurate, but the customer service from Chuck, when help is needed, is what separates them from other entities. We look forward to the continued relationship with PJB and encourage others to try for themselves.” – Matt Robbins, Vice President – Elevate Healthcare

( Updated 09/2015 ) “ Murdock Consulting has been a member of Physician Job Board since August of 2014. Due to our membership with PJB we continue to make consistent placements by sourcing quality candidates! I would highly recommend the service!!! “  -- Steve Murdock, Owner -- Murdock Consulting

”I have been using since February of 2013. I have found that the physicians I’ve recruited and the level of customer service are superior to any other job board that I have subscribed to in the past. I am so pleased with the activity and the placements generated from this board and I’m looking forward to continued success!” -- Rosemary Blando -- Durham Medical Staffing.

( Update 08/2015 ) Chuck, Your timing is great. I just closed two placements with two candidates from PJB!!  I’ll get back to you about the proposal.  Thanks so much for your help! - Rosemary Blando -- Durham Medical Staffing 

“In the crowded space of provider job boards and databases, I have to say, PhysicianJobBoard is by far the best!  Excellent quality leads and customer service at a very valuable price!"  -- JR Chacon, Director of Locums & Physician Staffing -- Catapult Healthcare

“Physician Job Board has been a great investment back into our physician recruiting business and has given us exposure to some outstanding candidates!  Chuck provides excellent customer service and quality leads on a daily basis.  I highly recommend this service if you want to increase your billings and impress your clients. “  -- Brad Bohannon, Director of Physician Recruitment -- Medicorp, Inc. 

“By providing a large variety of qualified candidates daily, has been our number one source for candidates for over 3 years now. Not only is “PJB” easy to use, but the service that Chuck and his team provide can only be described as ‘extraordinary’! There is a reason we partner year after year with and we are excited to be a part of their family!” – Katie Schramm, Senior Recruiting Manager -- Locum Interactive 

"We have used for the past two years and have been very pleased with the results. Western has experimented with a variety of job boards and found Physicianjobboard to be one of the best resources for our recruiting team. The site always has accurate information for their candidates and the volume of daily leads is much higher than other sites. Western would highly recommend Chuck and his team."  -- Brian Lund, Partner -- Western Healthcare

"Hey Chuck!  We are loving PJB at Snelling!" -- Lara Person , Medical Recruiter -- Snelling  Medical Professionals - Huntsville, AL.

“Our ongoing need for quality physician candidates led us to We've partnered with them to display our open positions on their site and have received good value from this service. The technical process is simple since they support an automated real-time data upload which we provide on a regular basis. This helps us move closer to our goal of providing the best possible outcome for clients, healthcare providers and their patients.” -- Shawn Lamar, Interactive Marketing Manager --CHG Healthcare Services.

“You have a great website (lots of activity) and we plan on being subscribers for a long time to come!” – Alan Hollingsworth , Advertising Manager -- Source Medical

“Acuity healthcare just renewed our membership after a trial period and have been very pleased with the quality of service and candidates.  Our recruiters love the fast response from Chuck and the personal attention to detail.  PJB is constantly trying to improve ways to attract candidates and we truly appreciate it." – Robert McCauley, Managing Partner – Acuity Healthcare Solutions

“We've always prided ourselves on our deep, quality database of physicians and advanced practitioners, however our recruitment teams have been re-energized by  The quality of candidates with reliable contact information has been invaluable as time-sensitivity is crucial in the medical staffing industry.  We’ve already seen immediate results with placements, but also succeeding by establishing long-term relationships with viable providers.  We look forward to continued positive results with as we aim even higher to help our clients in this tough medical provider shortage. “ --  Maxim Physician Resources 

“ has made an immediate impact for Snelling Medical Professionals. Our company had decided to start a locum tenens division one month ago and through we have already placed a physician on billing and have two more physicians on their way! Every candidate on is an active candidate. You don’t get wrong numbers or emails that shoot back as “non-deliverable”. What makes great is Chuck. He responds very timely to any of our needs and he is great to work with. The quality of their physicians and the character of their business puts them ahead of any other online resource.” – Robert Thongsavanh , Director of Recruitment – Snelling Medical Professionals

"Murdock Consulting joined Physician Job Board in in August of 2014 in order to increase activity. We were searching for a TRUE Job Board where we could post jobs and also have access to a large database of candidates. has provided us with a tremendous amount of exposure in a very short period of time! We are very pleased with the volume & quality of candidates that we are receiving on a daily basis!

What has been very impressive is the number of direct responses that we are receiving from candidates that have viewed our Jobs Postings!  Finally, we have found a Job Board that does not recycle their candidates.  Very pleased!!!!!!!!!! " -- Steve Murdock, President --  Murdock Consulting

“Since we began utilizing, it has quickly emerged as a leading source for outstanding physician candidates, beating out the next top two other job boards we use.  We have found the information about the physicians to be accurate, timely and very descriptive.  The physicians are quick to return calls and emails.  We are delighted with our decision to use and look forward to working with them indefinitely.” --Lawrence D. Stewart, Division President, -- Tal Physicians & Clinicians

"SUMO Medical Staffing has received great leads and candidates with Physician Job Board since December 2012. It has been a vital tool for our recruiting staff.  We have continually seen increased traffic on the site and the quality of leads has continued to get better. Also, Chuck is very quick at getting back to us with any of our needs. We would recommend to use are excited to continue our partnership." --  Kevin Anderson, SUMO Medical Staffing

"Our physician division here at Fusion is still very new and up an coming.  I feel extremely satisfied and comfortable being a part of  I know Chuck and the website will be a vital business partner for us to be successful.  Chuck did an outstanding job of walking me through the demo and working with our marketing team to set us up.  He also went above and beyond the call of duty by posting all of our jobs! I wish I was the only one who knew about but the secret is out!! " --  Jeff Wooten, Director of Physician Recruiting -- Fusion Medical Staffing

"We’ve been using since October2013.  It has been a great source of candidates for us in the specific markets we recruit.  The biggest benefit we’ve found is having Chuck’s stellar customer service  and constant support throughout the process. His turnaround times are fantastic!! We highly recommend "  -- Sheridan Healthcorp, Inc. 

“I am writing you today to let you know how pleased we have been with your NurseCareerBoard.  But most of all, I wanted to let you know what a great help Chuck has been.  I work with many job boards and companies and I’ve never experienced the kind of customer service that Chuck delivers.  I’ve never waited more than 30 minutes for a response.  He is not only quick to respond, he is helpful, informative, and very friendly.  I just wanted to let you know because normally people don’t take the time to tell you the good things – only the bad.”  -- Kelly Burleson, Marketing/PR Director – AHS Staffing

“We’ve been using almost since their beginning.  It has been a great source of candidates for our recruiting business. Their continued growth in physician traffic is strong and impressive.  Of course, Chuck’s amazing customer service continues to make an important resource for us.” -- Julie Demps, Managing Partner -- Academy Physicians 

“We've found to be an invaluable resource for our company.  The daily traffic is excellent and Chuck's level of customer service is second to none.  I highly recommend PJB to anyone in the physician recruitment and consulting industry.”  -- Jason Brown, Director of Physician Relations – International Medical Placement 

“As a small, independent physician recruiter, I have tried numerous job boards and more often than not been disappointed with the results.  When came along I thought, here’s another job board to try and was expecting the same dismal results.   I am glad to say that this has not been the case and  I am thrilled with the results I have gotten.  The number of new physician candidates being added daily is outstanding along with the quality of the physicians.  Additionally, the customer service and individual treatment I have received makes me feel like a true customer and not just another number.  Great job PJB! “ – Vicky Rinehart -- InSync Healthcare Recruiters

“We are a small business with limited operating funds. Chucks' professionalism and customer service helped us make the decision to purchase this board. The candidates on this site are actively seeking employment and are very responsive. This has honestly been the best instant ROI from a job board that I have experienced in my eight years of recruiting !!!!! ”  --  Keosha Sanders, President -- Infinite Staffing Solutions

“; a company that wants you to succeed.  That is my experience with PJB.  Their customer service is amazing.  There has not been one time when I had a question and had to “wait” for an answer.  The company is responsive to its clients and is extremely helpful.  PJB offers solutions and friendly service.  This company listens and engages with their customers and I find that rare in today’s competitive market.  I am happy with the service I have received this year as a new customer and hope to continue working with them.  Thank you PJB for all you do!”  -- Christine Haskell -- Armor Health Care Recruiter

“The number and quality of candidates that we received through was phenomenal!  In addition, Chuck’s level of customer service is outstanding.  We have not seen this extent of “bang for our buck” from any other job board – very important for a small organization with a very limited budget.  We are so pleased to have connected with PJB!”  - Lisa Benzel -- South Central Montana AHEC Director

“ is user friendly and very simple to navigate. The staff is responsive and friendly too! Most importantly, has given our open positions a larger reach than before.” – Emily Berger – Colorado Rural Health Center

“ is by far MedCare Staffing, Inc.'s "must have" job board! We provide locum tenens nationwide and without this site we would be a missing a piece of the puzzle! The technology, ease of use, and most of all Chuck's personal touch and willingness to help; makes our job that much more beneficial to our clients! Chuck really understands us and makes it his job to continually improve an already awesome job board! I highly recommend!” – Tom Harbin , President – MedCare Staffing, Inc.

"I have had great success sourcing doctors for my opportunities using PhysicianJobBoard.Com The ease of use and number of potential candidates is much greater than other boards I have used. The number of specialties covered guarantees that no matter what the search requires, PhysicianJobBoard.Com will have a large pool to call on." -- Casey Wilson, Director of Recruiting - The Hire Connection

“ is an innovative job board that understands how to drive traffic to advertisements. Chuck and the team at regularly release the analytical data showing how their service receives more traffic than the competition. Traffic is all that matters, and accomplishing this in the highly competitive healthcare industry, now that's impressive!” – Blake Moser, MS-HRD, CPC –

“When a Job Board can combine Integrity, Transparency and Quality Candidates you know you have a winner!  That job board has a name and it’s!  The assistance, real time responsiveness and quality of candidates I have received from Chuck and has truly exceeded my expectations.  I couldn’t ask for a better online candidate sourcing partner.  Keep up the GREAT Work Chuck and PJB!” – Kristin Kinczel, Director – Main Street Locums

"Since electing to go with we have had the opportunity to speak with physicians that are serious in their next practice opportunity.  It's been refreshing for once to have meaningful conversations versus calling on physicians that have no idea they posted on a site they have never heard of." -- Jay Gibbs, Director of Recruiting, The Hire Connection

"Chuck is a good contact- has many new candidates each day with good emails and phone numbers of physicians with interested clients with bona fide credentials." –- Stephen Mirfield, MD, MHA  - Vohra Physician Group

“Even though is relatively new, it has quickly moved to the top of our “go to” physician job boards.  It has a large number of physicians across all specialties.  Unlike other job boards where the resumes are several years old and the information not always up to date, has candidates that are currently open to new opportunities.  We have used it to seek out Physicians in Emergency Medicine, Neurology, and Family Practice with more success than we have had previously with other job boards.  I think the site should be used by any organization interested in recruiting physicians who are actively seeking opportunities.” –- David Popp – CentralCare Inc. 

“ has been a very good investment for us.  We have had successful placements as a result of the leads from  If you’re getting placements, then you stay with what you know works best.   A great return on our investment!”–- Melissa Underbrink, Vice President-Locum Tenens Division – Healthcare Connections

"The thing I like is there is a such a wide variety of talent from all over the US.  The specialties we work in have a great number of candidates for us to get to know and screen for our clients. Other job boards just don't have that many number of candidates available to talk too and you can forget about new candidates... You guys are great!  The website is easy to use and navigate.  Thanks for providing such a great service you make my job 1000 times easier." -- Michael Black, Director of Recruiting, The Hire Connection

 “As a child growing up I would listen with awe to my Grandfather whose sayings still echo in my mind. One of my favorite is "Business comes to where it is invited and stays where it is well treated”

 Last year we were invited to review the  We came, we saw, and we were successful.  But there is more to it.  We were well treated. They listen to our comments, observations, and desires to fine tune how we would like to receive the information.  They followed up to ensure we were utilizing all the services we were paying for and they implemented little tweaks that enabled our reach outs to flow smoother.  We value professionalism where ever we see it and we see it daily with the”  -- Bill Herrington , COO-Seaboard Physician Search LLC

"Physician Job Board is a great resource to recruit physicians. The customer service is excellent and this is my 3rd month into my subscription. Highly recommended." -- D.S. Emergency Physicians Group

"PJB has been an excellent source of quality candidates for our firm. PJB instantly added significant activity to our pipeline. Additionally, working with Chuck and his staff has been a pleasure.” -- Michael Lawrence - myMDcareers

" has quickly grown to be one of our favorite online resources. The website is easy to use and provides new and fresh CV information which is critical to our business.  We have also gotten great results from posting jobs on your site.  All in all, we find offers the tools we need to help our business continue to deliver for our clients and providers."   -- Kathy Carroll CSP, Owner Here's Help Staffing & Recruiting

" has become a great resource for us at Barton Associates. Their CV Agent is easy to set up and has allowed us to find the ideal physicians and nurse practitioners for our assignments.  The customer service from has been exceptional. They have been extremely helpful and are always available if you have a question. The leads have been coming in regularly, and we are seeing more and more each day. is definitely a highly effective tool for any recruiting firm."   -- John Danielson,  Barton Associates -

"It's obvious has sparked a lot of new interest in the online marketplace. They're providing high quality resources that are unlike other job boards. Our partnership with them has increased job recognition allowing us to see more candidate leads on a regular basis. The functionalities on the site are user friendly and their customer support is professional and extremely accessible when needed. We enjoy having as part of our recruitment process and would recommend it to others." -- Gil Cruz, Atlantic MEDsearch 

"A carpenter can't do their job without their tools. PhysicianJobBoard has recently become one of my most trusted resources for attracting active candidates who are responsive. For the first time in a long time there is a product where feedback actually matters. Recently I gave them a suggestion on how to improve the user interface - low and behold, updated the very next day!"-- Jeffrey Shapiro, Director Lloyd Staffing

“The quality of the candidates we receive from is outstanding, and it is easy to post jobs.  My overall experience with them has been very productive, excellent candidates and they’re great to work with. I recommend them as a valuable resource” -- Reg Jess – Physicians Recruitment Network

"Chuck, thanks for your help. I believe our payment shows we are impressed with the growth of your product. Best of luck in keeping up the good work!"  -- Greg Pessa CMO, New England Physician Center

“We have been using for the past two months as a locums firm.  It is extremely user friendly when searching for providers and in the posting of new Locums Assignments.  In these past 2 months,  we have surfaced several Physicians and Mid-levels to fill our open opportunities throughout the entire US.  I appreciate Chuck’s responsiveness to any and all questions and his willingness to accommodate various requests. I recommend and I have been in the business for many years” -- Scot Gray President, Locums Inc.

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